International Water Centre (IWC)

We acknowledge the importance of the future generation. We owe it to the blood, sweat and tears invested by Sukruta’s past to ensure that its successes get carried forward to the future. Sukruta’s International Water Centre aims to hone young graduates with the right skill-set and hands-on-experience to upskill them for complete water management and solution expertise. The IWC will consist of:

Training Cell

When it comes to water management, there’s no ‘one solution fit all’. Through methodical technical training and firsthand on-field experience, the trainees will be equipped with a wholesome understanding of complete water management solutions that will make them industry & business ready.

Client on-site and offsite experience

By involving fresh graduates in live projects and through our on-site training experiences, they will get exposed to the requirements and applications in various sectors like residential, commercial buildings, industry, agriculture and horticulture.


It is a misconception that there are limited career options in this field of work. IWC offers 3, 6 and 9 months courses in the field of work. This will open doors to many career paths, along with an opportunity to work with Sukruta and its sister companies, even advancing to lead a team as a team leader apart from a host of other opportunities.

Service Training

Service training will include testing facility, troubleshooting, repair and maintenance of products and spare parts as per global norms & standards.

Internship programs

Through IWC, students and graduates majoring in relevant courses/degrees can intern with us and gain valuable experience in the fields of water management solutions, sewage water treatment solutions, pumping systems and customizations.

Entrepreneurship Program

Through, IWC’s individuals can obtain certification for water management specialists and even groom them to be business ready to venture into entrepreneurship.

Customised Water Management Solutions

Don’t cut corners, cut your costs.

Get complete water management solutions customised to your budget and requirements.