World leaders in pumps and pumping technology. We offer a range of pumps to meet each and every requirement in Residential Buildings, Commercial buildings, Industry and for retrofit. The range and the brands comprise Lowara, FLYGT, Steady, AC Fire Pumps, Bell & Gossett, and GOULDS all world leaders in the range and in the segments offered.
Water challenges are escalating around the globe, placing people and communities, our environment, and our very future at risk. By 2025, 1.8 billion people will be living in countries or regions with absolute water scarcity. We are a Fortune 1000 global water technology provider with one mission: to help our customers solve water through the power of technology and expertise. Together, we can make water more accessible and affordable, and communities more resilient. Let’s create a world that is more water-secure and sustainable for all. We have the opportunity of a lifetime to solve water. Let’s work together and lead the way.
Energen are hot water solution experts, we offer tailor made reliable, durable, energy efficient hot water solutions
Energen Hybrid Systems new generation technology and Solutions incorporate a range of energy efficient and innovative products and control systems to provide an efficient, reliable, durable and cost effective solution for hot water production and distribution.
Energen customises solutions from an individual Villa to large commercial and industrial applications and for other diverse requirements.
Every Energen Hybrid System is designed integrating an optimum number and combination of solar collectors for the required solar contribution fraction (SCF), twin coiled vitreous enamelled storage tanks for the designed storage, high efficiency heat pumps, close circuit circulation systems, solar pump station, solar controller, heat pump controllers, interconnecting plumbing as per the local Country codes and safety features as per the international codes and safety standards.
Flexibility in design and options in design enables all of our products to integrate easily with existing heating systems.
Energen systems are designed based upon the daily load, differential temperature required, peak load, peak simultaneous load, time between peaks, area available/plant room size for collectors, storage tanks, heat pumps and other typical site conditions and requirements.
Aiki Axis India Private Limited is a 100% subsidiary of Daiki Japan. Daiki-the predecessor of Daiki Axis-launched its water treatment business in Matsuyama City in Japan in 1958. Since developing the light and durable FRP (Fibre-Reinforced Plastic) Johkasous, Daiki has led Japan’s water treatment industry and continues to create many “Industry’s Firsts.” We have followed the path not only of providing our customers with safe water, but also toward becoming an “eco-creation and development company” that protects the environments that water runs through, and these efforts will continue as we head toward the future.

The Largest Producer Of Packaged STPs In The World!

Inspiring the Next Generation by Saving Water
Water is the one of the most essential sources of survival necessary for all living beings and economic activities as well. We at Daiki Axis are renowned manufacturers and exporters of Packaged STP systems that have been a great advantage to save water and the environment.
We offer an exclusive range of decentralized STP(Johkasou) products that are suitable for various government, residential, industrial and commercial establishments. Johkasou have combined purification structure capable of treating both night soil (black water) and domestic wastewater (grey water). They can be customized as well to suit special use or local compliance and other requirements. Our specially trained sales team and sales partners help you to configure these products for your specific requirements.
Daiki Axis: Packaged STP Manufacturer (Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturer)
We specialize in manufacturing specially designed sewage treatment products in modern factories in various global locations equipped with modern tools and other facilities assuring consistent quality and faster deliveries.
We at Envirolyte India pride ourselves on providing professional, Innovative , cost effective solutions to a diverse range of industries for Disinfection, water treatment and sanitisation.
Our highly skilled team have comprehensive knowledge of the agricultural, horticultural and food processing industries. We are fully equipped to offer turnkey solutions that will greatly benefit your business.
Our core focus is to provide sustainable, safe, eco and environmentally friendly sanitation solutions that have been proven to kill 99.9% of known pathogens.
The various Approvals and certification will promote confidence when introducing our new product to your business.
The applications for Envirolyte’s cutting edge technology are practically infinite and include any process requiring sterilisation, disinfection, odour control, water purification and wastewater.


A strong oxidizing solution formed from naturally occurring elements that kills unwanted microorganisms and pathogens. A non- hazardous, cost-effective al-ternative to bleach, and other traditional hazardous chemicals used for sanitizing and disinfection.
Anolyte parameters are as follows
  • pH from 2.0 to 8.5
  • Concentration (general) of active chlorine 100-6000 mg/l
  • Very high oxidant activity with low (hundreds of parts of percentage) concentrations of working substances that don't harm chemical and other vital characteristics of treated water and do not form any toxic compounds.

Customised Water Management Solutions

Don’t cut corners, cut your costs.

Get complete water management solutions customised to your budget and requirements.