Water Treatment Plants

At sukruta, we provide the complete solution to ensure clean and potable water supply with fully Automatic, Semi-automatic or manual.

Hot Water Systems

Sukruta through Energen - one of our channel partners, provide hybrid hot water systems help increase profitability whilst always ensuring high reliability and durability

Water Distribution System

Providing sufficient water of appropriate quality and quantity has been one of the most important issues in human history.

Fire Pumps & Systems

Sukruta provides a diverse range of engine and motor driven pumps, jockey pumps and control systems for effective fire fighting through automated sprinkler systems and wet risers.

HVAC Pumps & Control Systems

Sukruta designs and provides the pumps and control systems as per the required capacities to carry this chilled water to all the AHU’S effectively and efficiently as per the demand and temperature setting at that particular location.

Sewage & Effluent Water Treatment

In association with Daiki Axis of Japan, Sukruta brings to you the latest and the best technology on packaged sewage and effluent treatment plants

Energy Audit & Retrofit

Sukruta energy audit will primarily address pumps and pumping systems at any facility or industry, Hot water systems and sewage and waste water treatment plants