Johkasou in Japanese language means, Purification Tank. Johkasou products are domestic wastewater treatment systems or Sewage Treatment Plants.
Daiki Axis Japanese Packaged STP (Johkasou), made in 100% FRP, is a Combination of Aerobic & anaerobic treatment on sewage at single shot, with entire treatment housed in a single FRP capsule.
A ready to install STP delivers performance confirming to the global discharged norms with minimum 50% Energy saving compared to conventional Plants. These products come in a modular construction and can be installed in such manner that open space gets utilised in a better way.
The plant can be installed above or below the ground. The treated water can be further used for gardening, flushing, cooling towers etc. We have models starting from 1 KLD to 50 KLD, modules can be combined to increase the capacities.

Treated Water by Johkasou-Decentralized Sewage Treatment Plant can use for Several Applications

The main purpose of Daiki Axis Johkasou is to treat wastewater and make it fit for discharge to normal environment or it to be used for non-potable applications. Standard johkasou systems are not advised to be used as industrial waste water treatment systems.
Using recycled water for such applications reduces reliance on increasingly scarce fresh water. It can also minimize groundwater usage and reduce discharges of treated wastewater into rivers and oceans.
Main Concept of Daiki Axis Solution

‘Treat locally, reuse it locally’ is the main concept of Johkasou-STP, and most suitable concept for Indian demand & circumstances.

Current Johkasou models are suitable for:

  • Individual Houses, Farm Houses, Small communities,
  • Hospitals, Nursing homes, Schools & Colleges, Hostels, Resorts, boat houses,
  • Hotels, Guest houses, Marriage Halls,
  • Offices and Factories, Logistics parks, Shopping Malls,
  • Small Airports, Railway Stations, Bus Stops, Public convenience centres,
  • Parks, Gardens, nurseries, Sports Complexes
  • and places not covered by Public sewer systems.

Portable nature of the product, rapid deployment, modular capabilities makes it perfect solutions for:

  • Labour camps, constructions sites, Temporary shelter homes,
  • Event sites, Religious events like Kumbh Melas, political Rally sites, temporary exhibition grounds etc.

Treated Sewage water can be used for a wide variety of applications. Following are few examples:

  • Gardening, Landscape development & Irrigation
  • Construction water
  • Vehicle washing
  • Fire Fighting
  • Stream and Wetlands Enhancement
  • Industrial Processes
  • Recreational Lakes, Fountains and Decorative Ponds
  • Toilet Flushing
  • Various industrial usages including boiler and cooling tower makeup.

Core Concept of Johkasou

Johkasou system is regulated by the johkasou Act, in which technical standards for its manufacturing, installation, and operation & maintenance including desludging are stipulated. The Act also stipulated a qualification system for johkasou related technicians. In addition, Johkasou act stipulates each johkasou product to pass the performance evaluation test before putting the product in the market. Furthermore, in Japan the sludge generated from johkasou is appropriately treated at night soil treatment facility before used as fertiliser or industrial fuel.
This way Johkasou can play the role of a wastewater treatment facility to become a system that integrates the technology and its management, which is useful for both mankind and environment.
Core Concept of Johkasou is to treat domestic waste water locally and Reuse it locally, which is very appropriate for India in current circumstances.
The World is Running Out of Water!!
By 2030, the global population will reach nine billion and the world will require 40 percent more water than it does today. Climate change, increase in demand and lack of cohesive working is making the situation even worst. At the same time, water will continue to be central to all economic activities and economic growth will put further pressure on this already scarce resource. Without an adequate water supply, meeting basic needs and achieving sustainable economic growth as envisaged will not be possible.
Water in India is a Core Socioeconomic Challenge!!
India is the second-most populous country with over 1.2 billion people. By 2030, water demand in India will grow to almost 1.5 trillion m³, driven by domestic demand for rice, wheat, and sugar for a growing population, a large proportion of which is moving toward a middle-class diet. Planned Socioeconomic development and industrialization will only add to this demand. Against this demand, India’s current water supply is approximately 740 billion m³.
This problem along with depleting ground water tables, poor water quality and the health of all the rivers and the water bodies make the situation very scary, as a result, this would be one of the biggest challenge India will have to overcome for meeting aspiration of its people for eliminating poverty through sustained growth. As is, 600 million people in India face high to extreme water stress. Since time immemorial, human civilizations have thrived along the river banks. But focus on economic development has put pressure on our natural environment including, the water resources. Unfortunately, the water bodies today have been converted into dumping areas for human, animal and industrial wastes.
As a result of the recent change in government at the national level, there is a strong focus on developing innovative, cost-effective, and decentralized local demand-side-driven solutions for water-use efficiency and effluent treatment.
Reusing recycled sewage water provides a great opportunity. Unlike other measure sewage as a resource has very predictable supply and input quality feature hence it is a great tool not only for reducing demand for drawing more fresh water but solving pollution and sanitation challenges faced by India.
Our current approach of developing large centralised treatment plants based on network of pipe lines has several limitations for further development to be used as the back bone of water recycle and reuse system. These solutions require long term planning, execution and large investments, hence have low viability in large part of the country. Decentralised STPs on the other hand can be much more flexible, cost and time efficient and have very high scalability. These products are ideal for Localised treatment and reuse of sewage water for local applications.
India can draw a leaf out of the experience of Japan, which has been deploying such solutions successfully for last 60 years through JOHKASOU concept and Technology. The country has developed a very robust framework of standardised Policies, Technologies, Product and People certification systems to make it part of regular development.
Water is shared resource hence shared responsibility for stakeholders across government, private sector, and civil society and time to change is now!
Water is the most important commodity for life to sustain. Since it is limited in availability, its conservation, preservation, recycle and reuse becomes vital. Apart from Agriculture, water is used majorly in industries and by the society in general on a daily basis.
Almost all the water that is being let out as waste from building services and as effluents from industries can be recycled and reused. Today, the technology is so advanced that apart from using treated water for flushing, gardening, cooling towers and washing, it can be made perfectly potable and hence can be used as pure drinking water.
In association with Daiki Axis of Japan, Sukruta brings to you the latest and the best technology on packaged sewage and effluent treatment plants, offering the most important and required luxury of saving in space with low footprint. This can be achieved with both over the ground or underground installation options which will be low in connected electrical loads hence low on power. This impacts the opex costs positively by reducing the operational and maintenance costs for the clients.

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