The Inception

It all began in June 1966 with the passion of two young childhood friends, Mr. K Gopinath and Mr. MS Krishnaswamy. The company was incorporated as a partnership under the trade name ‘Sukruta Agencies'. It is still reminisced by everyone in the company how the legacy of Sukruta began with Mr. Gopinath having to sell his cherished scooter to raise funds.

The Acquisition

This partnership company acquired the erstwhile MC Sundararajan & Co that dealt with pipes, pumps and accessories, which was in the business for a long time.

The Time of Texmo

For the very first time, Sukruta launched Texmo Pumps into the Karnataka market in the capacity as sole distributors for Texmo Industries, Coimbatore - which was already well established as manufacturers of quality pumps.

The Game Changing Tour

Mr. Gopinath ventured out on a month-long state-wide marathon tour. Driving all by himself while carrying the pump in his car, he introduced the pumps to all known contacts in the market and established a network of dealers for the very first time.


The Time of Influence

Over the years following the marathon tour, Sukruta built a strong and able network of dealers across the state and became one of the leading companies that was sought out for quality pipes, pumps and all related accessories. Sukruta even led the way in terms of product pricing and market policy and became.


The PVC Chapter

Sukruta introduced PVC pipes for the very first time for use in irrigation and water transfer.


The Revolutionary PVC SWR

Sukruta introduced PVC pipes and systems for Soil, Waste and Rainwater (SWR) management applications for the very first time as PVC SWR systems. Sukruta was at the forefront in this revolution that replaced the age-old stoneware and cement piping systems with the latest technology of those times.

Digitization of Operations

Sukruta is the first to computerise its operations before it was even a ‘thing’. Starting with accounts and inventory management, we gradually took it further to various other aspects of the business operations and service to enable efficient management.


The Future Leaders

Two young Mechanical Engineers - Mr. Krishna Prasad and Mr. Ram Prasad joined the company. Over a period of 30 years, they took charge and led the company as Managing Partners and Directors.

The Eureka Solution for Low Voltage Situation

One of the major issues facing the agriculture segment was the three phase supply voltage to irrigation pumpsets. 3 phase voltage supply normally had to be 415 Volts, the actual supply would be very less. Under such supply voltage conditions the normal motors wouldn’t work and were burning out due to overloading. Sukruta for the very first time introduced pumpsets to run on low voltage after extensive experimentation, testing with various motor designs and through extensive R&D closely working with the factory R&D team.

25 years of Sukruta!

Sukruta celebrated its Silver Jubilee by organising a gala event. Sukruta’s principle suppliers, dealers, vendors, business associates, friends and well wishers graced the occasion.

The East Asia Tour

Sukruta, along with its chosen 35 best dealers toured across 6 countries in the far east to broaden its network and learn about the best practices in those regions. This first of its kind initiative not only added another feather to their cap, but also displayed Sukruta’s magnanimity in enabling mutual prosperity and strengthening its relationship with its partners & dealers.


Nation’s Largest Distributor

Sukruta became one of the largest distributor of pumps and pipes in the Indian market with sales of over 700, 3 Phase irrigation pumpsets between 3HP-20HP, over 500, 6” submersible pumpsets for borewells and sales of over 1200 pumps for domestic use in 1 phase on a monthly basis in Karnataka and Goa markets.


Grundfos Gulf’s First

Sukruta introduced Grundfos range of pumps for the very first time to the indian market. Through direct import from Grundfos Gulf Distribution - Dubai, Sukruta is chosen to be the first distributor in India to cover South India comprising the five states of AP, TN, Kerala, Karnataka and Goa.


Pioneering Into The New Millennial

Throughout the second half of the 90s, Sukruta introduced the path paving Booster pumps, Hydro-Pneumatic systems, Vertical and Horizontal Multistage pumps in fabricated SS technology, high efficiency IE3, IE2 & IE5 motors, Variable frequency (VFD) driven pumps for pumping water in multistorey buildings, Central Air Conditioning applications, District cooling, Primary, secondary and tertiary pumps in HVAC and a host of other exciting pumping concepts and energy saving systems.


Country’s First, Yet Again

In 2007, Sukruta set up the country's first Authorised Service Centre - complete with a full stock of spare parts, repair, servicing and testing facility for all types of pumps.

The One Stop Shop

Over the years Sukruta established itself as one of the largest distributors of Grundfos pumps in India with sales of over 20 Crores in pumps only. Enabled through over 6 decades of rich experience in the field, Sukruta evolved to become a sought-after company for Complete Water Management, providing solutions for water treatment plants, pumps and pumping solutions, hot water packages with solar and solar hybrid systems with heat pumps, distribution of cleaning equipment and chemicals, a separate division handling white goods and luggage distribution with an overall business turnover of over 45 crores.

June 2019

The Dawn of the Xylem Partnership

Sukruta signed up with Xylem USA to handle and distribute its world class range of pumps, pumping systems and a host of other solutions for better water management. Sukruta is chosen as the master Distributor to handle Xylem business across South India.