One of the most pertinent components of the operating cost for any large facility or industry is the cost of energy. The three very important areas of high energy consumption on a every day basis are associated with
  • Pumps & pumping systems
  • Hot water systems
  • Sewage and waste water treatment plants
In most facilities and industry, these pumps run 24/7 X 365 days in a year non-stop. In such conditions, the cost of operating these pumps are very high owing to high energy costs which directly reflects on the bottom line for any company. A reduction in the power absorbed by the pump and also operating it at or very close to its best efficiency point will result in saving huge operational costs to the facility which directly will add to the bottom line.
To identify the possible solutions, an energy audit is the most important task, especially in cases where the installation is more than ten years old where fossil fuels are used to generate hot water. In these dated facilities, primitive methods for sewage and waste water treatment are used with primitive technology. With the changing site conditions over a period of time, there are additions and deletions to the facility, especially when new and efficient technologies are introduced.
Sukruta energy audit will primarily address pumps and pumping systems at any facility or industry, Hot water systems and sewage and waste water treatment plants. Our approach focuses on providing an energy saving system with technology that provides a high return on investment in a definite period of time, thus paying for itself and thereafter the client will reap the benefits of low operating cost and an improved bottom line.

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